Holidays in Spain

Is it worth going on holiday to Spain? Our answer is: definitely yes! Spain is a popular holiday destination for many reasons and is well worth a visit.

First of all, Spain is famous for beautiful beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, Costa Blanca or the Balearic Islands are just some of the popular coastal regions where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. Secondly, Spain has a long and fascinating history which can be seen in numerous historic sites. For example, the Alhambra in Granada, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Royal Alcázar in Seville are just some of the many impressive places you can visit. Moreover, Spain is known for its excellent cuisine such as tapas, paella and chorizo. You can try authentic Spanish food and enjoy local flavors while visiting restaurants and bars. You will learn about these and many other reasons why you should visit Spain from the following articles. Enjoy reading and see you in Spain!

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